Horses Sold


Congrats to Melody Geist and Family! He’s a special boy! 

rd dymitri


Congrats to Emily Howser, yours will be a very bright future indeed with this stunner! 



Congrats to Julie Krouse! So happy to keep this beautiful boy in house and watch you two grow together!

Magic Mike WA


HUGE congrats to Mariah Wilson on your acquisition of my most favorite best boy! I wish you all the success in the world with this one!

McDreamy J


I know that this beautiful and charismatic boy is in the best hands with Mariah Wilson. I look forward to seeing this winning team in the future! She scooped up a couple of good ones!  I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Eclipse AA

Eclipsee AA


Falling in love and selling… Definitely better sweet. But couldn’t be more thrilled for the incredible home this boy gets with Sheila and Jenna Curely.

Thank you Colby Powell!

Can’t wait to see how the future unfolds for this team!

Khoca Khola J



Congrats Platinum Performance on the acquisition of this handsome youngster!

Auberge CCS