Forms & Contracts


Training and Board Rates

Effective December 2022

Full Performance Training and Box Stall
Includes one lesson per week; no make ups for missed weeks
Maintenance/Rehab and Box Stall
Turn Out, Hand Walks, Lunging

Show Fees

Class “A”  - One Day
Class "A" $1250.00
 Regional  $1850.00
 Youth Nationals  $3000.00
 Scottsdale  $2950.00
 U.S. Nationals  $3300.00 

*Entry Fees, Show Fees and Hauling Fees are due and payable upon receipt of monthly invoice. 

*These fees must be paid in full prior to horses’ departure for a show.

*Groom/Tack stalls and Premium Stabling to be pro-rated among all horses. 

*Patron Packages to be pro-rated among all horses attending show.

*Layover/Early arrival fees and shavings at show to be paid by owner.

*Ride Along (horse going for schooling) ½ Show Fee plus Grounds/ Shavings fees

* Shared horse ~ show fee is an ADDITIONAL 15%

**10% Multiple Horse Discount on Training Fee ($50)**


 Other Services

 Laser, Thereaplate or Bi Weekly Magnawave  $200.00/mo
 Preparation of show entries (per horse per show)  $10.00
 Shared Show Tack per Horse/Rider/Show Saddle $50/Bridles $30.00
 Lessons (one/week included w/training) $50.00 
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 Photo Shoot Preparation  $75.00
 Sellers Agent Fee (split)  15%
 Transportation…….$1.00/Mile  Local (20 miles or less)….....$100.00
Supplements  To be provided by or billed to owner
Body Clipping  $150.00

BLACK Schneiders~ Blankets, neck covers, and halters owner provides, OR $200 seasonal rental fee.

*Seasonal Fan Fee $60.00 (Once per year ~ June)

*Payment is  due on the 10th of each month and late by the 15th.  A 5% late fee may applied on overdue balances.