Forms & Contracts


Training and Board Rates

Ali Brady: $1050.00/Month ~ Bob Locke: $1195/Month
Full Performance Training and Box Stall
(includes one lesson per week; no make ups for missed weeks)
$950.00/Month - Part Time Performance Training
(2 day/week training and 5 day/week maintenance)
$850.00/Month - Maintenance or Rehab
(Box Stall, Turn Out, Hot Walker, Lunging)

$750.00/Month - Board Only
(Includes grain)

Additional supplements/products requested by owner to be billed at market price.

Show Fees

$700.00 -   Class “A”
$1200.00 - Regional Championships
$1400.00 - Regional/Pre-Show
$2250.00 - Youth Nationals
$2250.00 - Scottsdale
$2750.00 - U.S. Nationals and Canadian Nationals

•Entry Fees, Show Fees and Hauling Fees are due and payable upon receipt of monthly invoice. 
  These fees must be paid in full prior to horses’ departure for a show.
• Groom/Tack stalls and Premium Stabling to be pro-rated among all horses.
• Layover/Early arrival fees and shavings to be paid by owner.
• Patron Packages to be pro-rated among all horses attending show.

 Other Services

$10.00 - Preparation of show entries (per horse, per show)
$50.00 - Lessons
$50.00 - Sales Video Created by ABCentre
(Includes horse preparation, editing, and upload to Youtube)
15% - Sellers Agent Fee
80¢/Mile - Transportation
Supplements - To be provided by or billed to owner
$125.00 - Body Clipping
• Blanket, neck covers and halters charged to owner. Lead ropes and stall plates are included.

• Bills are due by the 10th  and considered late after the 15th of each month.
   A 1.5% late charge will apply on overdue balances.

• Multiple horse discounts of 10% for training, show fees and transportation